Disability income protection for Freelancers

The Models Health Pledge Crowdsurance

  • TMHP customers receive 50% discount on one-time registration costs
  • Income protection provided by the participants themselfs
  • Monthly terminable and easy to participate
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What is Crowdsurance?

Crowdsurance is a collective of The Models Health Pledge self-employed workers who provide each other with income in case of disability. We call this crowdsurance. On the basis of solidarity, the collective thus forms one large safety net. Unlike a local donation circle (also known as a bread fund), you remain anonymous here. The Models Health Pledge participants therefore take care of each other!

How does it work?

As a participant you join other participants in the collective. If you drop out, you will receive a monthly benefit from the collective after 6 weeks (42 days). Every month until you are better, with a maximum period of two years. Each participant therefore contributes in the event of disability of another participant.

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What will i receive?

If you , you will receive a monthly payment for a maximum of 2 years and you will receive personal guidance so that you can get back to work quickly and healthy! You can choose the amount that suits you: €1000, €1500, €2000, €2500 or €3000 net per month. 

Wat are the costs?

The one-time registration fee is normally €175,- but participants from The Models Health Pledge receive a 75% discount and only pay €43.75. After this you pay a monthly administration fee of €10 (excl. VAT) and the contribution you make when someone within the collective is disable to work. This contribution depends on the amount that you chose yourself and is on average between €10 (with a chosen income of €1000) and €50 (with a chosen income of €3000). This amount can add up to a maximum of 5% of the income chosen by you, per month, but we rarely see this happening.

Practical information

We like to keep things simple, but we want to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice. Below you will therefore find the extensive Crowdsurance regulations. What we do can be summarized in four points:

  • Prevent as much as possible that you are unable to work by providing health tips and guidance 
  • Make sure you have an income when you are unable to work due to any kind of disability or illnes 
  • Provide professional guidance so you can get back to work as quickly as possible

What more do we do?

When you register for The Models Health Pledge Crowdsurance, a digital “my Crowdsurance” environment is created, in which all your information can be found. Think of the products you have purchased, personal data and also the possibility to change things or to report sick or unable to work.


Do you have questions or are you not quite sure? Our service team is ready to assist you.

Call us on 024-750 40 70 or send an email to serviceteam@tulpenfonds.nl.